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Pros & Cons of Foster Care

There is no doubt that there are two sides to this story.  Many people tell tales of foster care somehow destroying the marriages or families while others will tell you that it made their family feel whole and uplifted.  So this article will simply try to see both sides.



         Foster families can know that they are providing a much needed service to other families and children as well as societies.

         Foster families receive a small amount of monetary compensation for doing foster care.  However, this should never be the reason someone chooses to be a foster parent.

         Foster families have many resources available that provide respite, education, support and overall care for those involved.

         Foster families find that there is usually a strong emotional bond with foster children in their care and both parties benefit from this relationship.



         Almost 50% of children in foster care are reunified with their family of origin.  This means that there is a potentially painful separation for both parties.

         The small amount of monetary compensation for doing foster care is not nearly what it should be and at times may not even cover the costs of having the child/children in your home.

         Foster care can cause strains on everyone in the family.   These strains can be emotional,  as well as financial. 

         Foster parents sometimes feel that there is never enough support or resources.  This can largely be due to the fact that case workers across the nation are so overloaded that it is hard to meet all the demands coming at them.